As a leader, you face everything head-on. There are moments you pause to celebrate the small and big wins. But you notice your life energy is depleting. Even with using your wellness toolbox...external factors affect your health.

For your well being...for your goals to manifest, something needs to change. But you’re not sure what. 


More exercise? More rest? Meditate?


You’re struggling to:


  • Feel grounded

  • Operate your day to day activities with efficiency

  • Think clear in intense situations

  • Improve digestion

  • Sleep well at night


Just thinking about how to resolve these struggles, feels overwhelming.


The Wellness Adventure Course — led by Yoga Health Coach & Ayurvedic Alignment Specialist, Jessica Drago — can help you master your struggles by tuning into your circadian rhythm. Using these laws of nature, Jessica coaches you through self-limiting patterns into a new liberated mindset. So you move from feeling overwhelmed to resilient. 


Jessica’s mission is to help you dive into your zone of genius. The coaching program helps you remove environmental obstacles. AND supports you replacing outdated habits that stand in the way of getting what you really want. 


Your registration to the Wellness Adventure Course also includes a community network.  This structured container of like-minded souls helps support you through your transformation. 


Click BOOK HERE. Then select “Wellness Assessment Book Now.” Enter your information to confirm your complimentary one-hour call with Jessica.

Your investment is the first step in aligning your daily rhythm with who you know yourself to be.


Jessica Drago leads workshops in Moscow, Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint, and Spokane. 


Workshops are available for a:


  • Yoga Studio

  • Human Resource Development Program

  • Outdoor Programs

  • Entrepreneur Event 


Topics range from Getting to know the Doshas for Balance, Journey Through the Elements, Yoga for Stress Relief, Understanding Your Alignment, Yoga for Desk Warriors, and Ayurveda for Entrepreneurs. 

Click Book Here. Then select “Yoga Consultation Book Now." Fill out your contact information to discuss workshop topics for your business or clients.


Custom Yoga Class


$165 total


  • 25-min consultation

  • 60-min private lesson

  • Direct feedback

  • 30-min custom yoga video

  • 25- min phone follow up

Private Group



  • 1x 20-minute consultation

  • 1x 60-min group workshop

  • Customized experience


  • 2-35 people depends on venue

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